The Company

The company SERTYF has successfully evolved through the continual improvement of the services offered to its clients by means of expansion alongside the simultaneos incorporation of new Technologies. SERTYF was founded over 17 years ago with the aim of providing its clients with a comprehensive mortgage admistration service alongside leading edge computerised management technolgy unique to the sector, ensuring excellence and resolve in every aspect of its business process outsourced throughout Spain.

In addition to its specialist knowledge of the sector, SERTYF also ensures the highest standards through experience, knowledge, continuing education and client orientation. Loyal to this business philosophy, the resulting product is sound, safe, flexible, transparent and effective.

Our activities are centered around a specific client base (financial institutions, developers, construction firms, large businesses and legal practices), meeting the exact needs of every one of these clients by means of clear-cut, definitive business models.

Likewise, our resolute commitment to new Technology has allowed us to formulate and develop important advances in mortgage lending with banks, building societies and other financial institutions. SERTYF’s department of Technology is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art Technologies for the purpose of making us an exemplorary referenece point in the process of business Outsourcing at the nacional level.